I have purchased imported from abroad

Iš užsienio įvežto automobilio registracija

  • STEP 1. Concluding a transaction

    Before buying a vehicle, it is very important to make sure that it already has the owner declaration code (SDK) because without this code it will not be possible to declare changes in the ownership of the vehicle and register the vehicle in your own name.

    You can verify here if the SDK is valid:  


    We recommend using the purchase-sale contract of "Regitra" and enter the SDK in it.

  • STEP 2. Declaration of change in ownership

    Before the buyer can register the vehicle in his/her own name, the change of ownership must be declared. This must be done by both the buyer and the seller. The buyer must do this within 5 days of the transaction and the seller within 5 days of the buyer providing the details.

    NOTE. If the buyer is a foreign resident/company, the declaration of acquisition of ownership is only required when the vehicle is to be registered or sold in Lithuania.


    Declaration shall be proceeded in the following order:

    1. The buyer is the first to apply to "Regitra" and submit the declaration of acquisition.


    This can be done in two ways:


    • Online

    In submitting the declaration of acquisition, the purchase-sale contract has to be attached, the SDK and other necessary information has to be specified.



    • At the branch

    Register for a visit to the branch and you will be serviced at the time convenient for you:



    Provide at "Regitra" branch:


    • your Personal Identity Card or passport;
    • purchase-sale contract, contract of gift or other document confirming the purchase.


    2. Then the seller shall confirm the data provided by the buyer.

    You can check here if the seller has already confirmed the data provided by you, and you can already register the vehicle in your own name:



    The new owner is given a new SDK only after the buyer has provided and the seller has confirmed the data. The new owner now is displayed in the system as the declared owner of the vehicle and may already apply for its registration. The SDK of the former owner is annulled.

  • STEP 3. Roadworthiness test, insurance and conformity assessment

    Arrange for mandatory roadworthiness test of the vehicle. Click HERE for the list of companies that provide roadworthiness test services.

    Obtain Compulsory Motor Third Party Liability Insurance.

    If you have purchased a vehicle registered in a country which is outside the European Union (for example, in Switzerland, Norway, USA), you have to pay the compulsory customs duties.

    If you have purchased a vehicle registered in a third country, i.e. in non-EU country or not in Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland, arrange for conformity assessment. The assessment document will need to be submitted at "Regitra". Click HERE for the list of expertise companies that specialise in conformity assessment.

  • STEP 4. Vehicle registration

    Register in advance for a visit to the branch and you will be serviced at the time convenient for you:



    Provide at "Regitra" branch:


    • a vehicle registered for authentication;
    • your Personal Identity Card or passport;
    • a document certifying the previous registration of the vehicle*;
    • conformity assessment document (if you have purchased the vehicle from countries that are outside the EEA).

    * If the vehicle has previously been registered in non-EEA countries and the registration certificate cannot be presented in cases provided for by the law of the exporting country, or the vehicle was not registered in a foreign country, certificate of prior ownership is required to be provided (USA), export certificate, document attesting to operation of the vehicle (roadworthiness test certificate, a license conferring the right to operate the vehicle, customs declaration) or another document of a similar nature.


    A registration certificate and new registration number plates will be issued at "Regitra" branch, or the number plates designated for your previously registered vehicle can be assigned.