Driving Licences


Driving licences are issued to persons who:

  • permanently reside* in the Republic of Lithuania;
  • whose health condition is suitable for driving motor vehicles of certain category;
  • who is not younger than the age established in the Lithuanian laws;
  • who is knowledgeable of legal acts governing road traffic and has passed, in accordance with the established procedure, qualifications examinations covering knowledge, skills and behaviour required for driving a motor vehicle of certain category.

*A person permanently residing in the Republic of Lithuania is a person who usually lives in the Republic off Lithuania at least 185 days in every calendar year due to his/her personal or working relations or, where the person has no working relations, only due to personal relations that link him/her closely to the place where he/she lives. A person who is linked by his/her working relations to a place other than the place to which he/she is linked by his/her personal relations and who, therefore, resides intermittently at different locations in two or more countries, is deemed to be a person permanently residing in the Republic of Lithuania when he/she is linked to the Republic of Lithuania by personal relations, provided that the person constantly returns here (the provision does not apply when the person resides in a foreign state in order to perform a task of fixed duration). A student (a foreign national or person without citizenship) who has been studying in Lithuania for at least 6 months is also considered to be a person permanently residing in the Republic of Lithuania.

Validity / Exchange

Driving licences issued in the EU Member States as well as Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein are valid in Lithuania without any restrictions.

A driver holding the driving licence issued in the state other than the state specified above and permanently residing in the Republic of Lithuania must change such licence for the driving licence of the Republic of Lithuania. The national driving licences may be exchanged under the following conditions:

  • the driving licence is presented to State Enterprise Regitra before expiration of its validity;
  • the national driving licence submitted to State Enterprise Regitra is accompanied by the translation of the national driving licence into the Lithuanian language confirmed by the signature of the translator who translated it and the international driving licence conforming to the requirements of Annex E to the Paris Convention on Motor Traffic (1926), Annex 10 to the Geneva Convention on Road Traffic (1949) or Annex 7 to the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic (1968), if the national driving licence is not conforming to the requirements of Annex 9 to the Geneva Convention on Road Traffic (1949) or Annex 6 to the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic (1968);
  • the driver has passed the theory and practical tests at the State Enterprise “Regitra” (excluding drivers holding driving licence of certain categories issued in Switzerland, Republic of Korea or United Arab Emirates).

Both theory and practical tests can be taken in any “Regitra” examination centre, irrespective of person's place of residence, by nationals not speaking the state language. They can use theory test computer program developed by “Regitra”, which offers the options of taking an examination in Lithuanian, English or Russian, while practical driving test can be taken by the use of interpreter‘s services.

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