Which documents can prove ownership?

The following documents can prove ownership of the vehicle:

  • purchase–sale contract;
  • exchange agreement;
  • contract of gift;
  • invoice (proof of payment);
  • leasing agreement termination act (certificate);
  • certificate of the inheritance;
  • certificate of ownership;
  • deed of transfer of assets sold at a public auction;
  • decision (ruling) of judicial or other law enforcement authority;
  • document of reorganization of a legal person;
  • production declaration;
  • vehicle registration document (when own property is imported to Lithuania);
  • declaration of joint ownership (acquired during marriage).


IMPORTANT. The documents must contain the following information to be entered at the time of submitting the declaration: document name; date of issue (drawing up) of the document; country in which the document has been issued (drawn up); share of ownership; amount/value; currency; payment method (cash; bank order; combined payment method – cash and bank order).