I already have inheritance documents

After having arranged inheritance documents, you must contact "Regitra" within 5 working days and declare that you are the owner of the vehicle. You will be given a new owner declaration code (SDK) and it will be possible to register the vehicle in your name.

To do this, you will need to provide the SDK of the former owner. You can verify it here:


If you have registered the vehicle on the temporary basis, then you have to apply for permanent registration before the registration deadline, which is indicated in section H of the registration certificate.

You can declare a change in ownership of the vehicle and register it in your name at "Regitra" branch.

Register in advance for a visit to the branch and you will be serviced at the time convenient for you:


Provide at "Regitra" branch:

  • your Personal Identity Card or passport;
  • inheritance documents.

If you want to drive the vehicle in public traffic, arrange for its mandatory roadworthiness test (when it has expired) and obtain Compulsory Motor Third Party Liability Insurance.