Liability regime

  • Who will inspect whether the person adheres to the obligations?

    Police officers, the officials of the State Tax Inspectorate, of the Lithuanian Customs and of the Financial Crime Investigation Service, also the officials of the State Border Guard Service and of the Lithuanian Transport Safety Administration will be able to inspect car dealers.

  • How car dealers will be inspected?

    Inspections will be carried out on the road, at the time cars are transported by car carriers, after stopping individual vehicles, in market places and other car sales outlets, through analysis of vehicle sales advertisements in cyberspace, etc.


    The officials of the Lithuanian Customs will be able to inspect the availability of the SDK:


    • within the country, while patrolling at the EU's internal borders with Poland and Latvia;
    • in declaring vehicles for import or export procedures.

    NOTE. Vehicles transported through the territory of the Republic of Lithuania to other countries are not required to have the SDK.

  • What lies ahead if the person will fail to comply with the obligations?

    If the person will not declare a vehicle in accordance with the established procedure (there will be no SDK assigned to the vehicle), he will not be able to sell such a vehicle.

    Having found out that no SDK has been assigned to the vehicle, the controlling officers may apply administrative liability on the operator or user of such a vehicle.

    A fine will be imposed by the authority that has found the violation. A protocol on administrative offenses will be drawn up in accordance with Paragraphs 1 or 2 of Article 431 of the Code of Administrative Offenses (Failure to comply with the requirements set for the owner (operator) of the vehicle).

    The owner (operator) of the vehicle faces a fine between 150 and 300 euros for failure to comply with the requirements established in the Law on Road Traffic Safety of the Republic of Lithuania. In case of repeated violation – a fine between 440 and 600 euros.