Appeal procedure

You can personally view a video of the practice test you have taken not later than within 1 working day from the date when the test has been taken. Please submit an application at the branch of the State Enterprise “Regitra” where you have taken the test.

The applicants are not provided with a copy of the test video.

  • Appeals process

    1. First, if you are dissatisfied with the course and evaluation of the test, please contact the Senior Specialist of the branch of the Joint Stock Company “Regitra” where you have taken the test and discuss with him/her the questions you are concerned about.

    2. If you are dissatisfied with this, you may within 3 working days from the date of the test bring an appeal to the General Director of the Joint Stock Company “Regitra”.

  • What you should write in an appeal?

    Your appeal must contain such details as your forename, surname, place of residence, date, motives of the appeal and requirements. Try to set forth your motives and requirements as clearly as possible because the more precisely your motives and requirements will be set forth, the more objective examination of the appeal will be.

  • How to submit an appeal?

    You can submit a signed appeal in the following ways:


    1. Personally at the branch of the Joint Stock Company “Regitra” (bring a personal identity document with you).  

    2. The appeal can be sent by mail to the address: to the Joint Stock Company “Regitra”, Liepkalnio str. 97, LT-02121 Vilnius (a copy of the valid personal identity document must be enclosed to the appeal).

    3. The appeal signed with an electronic signature can be sent to the email regitra@regitra.lt.

  • What are the decisions that can be taken by the Board of Appeal?

    The Board of Appeal can take one of the following decisions:


    1. To cancel the result of the test and to allow the appellant to take the test once again free of charge or to return the fee paid for the test.

    2. To maintain the result of the test.