We would like to inform you that the Road Traffic Rules which were valid until the 15th of February 2013 have been translated into English. The same Road Traffic Rules were  later updated. 

For our clients’ convenience Regitra has legally acquired the official translation of the Road Traffic Rules, which only partially correspond to the current edit and it is open to public here. 

Please take notice that Ministry of Transport and Communications, as the drafter of the legal act, has the right to initiate the translation of the current edit and publish it free of charge in every publicly accessible legal acts database of the Republic of Lithuania.

You can contact the representatives of Ministry of Transport and Communications:

  • Gedimino Av. 17, 01505 Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Phone: +370 5 261 2363, fax: +370 5 212 4335, e-mail sumin@sumin.lt.